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  • Iphone 8 Plus Reviewed!

  • Iphone 8 Plus Reviewed!

    Coming in a bit cheaper than the iPhone X is the iPhone 8 Plus. You might be tempted by the chance to get an update on the iPhone 7 Plus, but what did our reviewers think?


    In terms of design, this is looking like a very close relation to its sibling the iPhone 7. It is only a little bit longer and thicker in depth than the iPhone 7 plus. However, it should still be able to fit into the same case as one.

    There are not as many colors to choose from, as there were with the preceding phone.

    The iPhone 8 is only available in Space Gray, Silver and Gold. Although the first two of these colors are similar to the previous incarnation, the Gold is more of a champagne gold, that we think you might like more -imbuing the whole case with a fully upgraded look.

    Looking to the top of the phone, the antenna bans have now been moved from there, to the side of the phone, which helps to maintain its sleek appearance.

    Talking about sleek appearances, we are slightly nonplussed to find that the camera on this model still sticks out from the main frame of the phone. This is a pity and still something that we wish that Apple would fix, given that just about every other smart phone on the block has managed to do it!

    In terms of weight, this phone is slightly heavier than the iPhone 7, but this is not something that is a bad thing in our opinion. If anything, it being slightly heavier makes it easier to remember that you’re holding it and helps to improve the grip aspect of it. Maybe, just maybe, it might be less likely to slip from our hands and shatter on the ground if it is a little weightier! If you do drop your phone, don’t panic, reach out to

    Perhaps for some people, this might represent a slight disappointment in the lack of obvious differences with its predecessor, but it is still a classy looking phone.


    This isn’t such a massive change from the iPhone 7, but we thought the portrait setting on this phone was an improvement and that is always a good thing!


    The battery should be able to take what you throw at it, for a whole day’s use, assuming you have fully charged it firstly.

    With a wireless charging capability, you should be able to charge this with no fuss. It can also go faster, if you buy a USB C charger to go with it – annoyingly, these are not included for some reason!


    Unlike the iPhone X, this version of the iPhone still utilizes finger scan technology and has a finger scan incorporated into its overall design.

    It is also water resistant and should be able to withstand depths of up to a meter for thirty minutes. We still don’t want to get it wet, though!

    The colors on the screen are as vivid and outstanding as the previous incarnations of this phone were, so no real change there, but they are still an attractive feature and a good reason to choose the iPhone 8.

    The True Tone tech means that the look of the colors will slightly alter in different lights, making it easier to view in various lighting scenarios. This is a subtle change but one that might come in handy.

    One thing that has been notably changed is the sound. The speakers are definitely an upgrade on the iPhone 7 and one that we think you will clearly notice.


    This is no disappointment for Apple fans, although if you want the best on the market and don’t mind spending more, then get the iPhone X.

    But for anyone who wants the Apple quality for a little less, get this.